Dental Whitening in Tijuana

tooth whiteningWhen it comes to affordable teeth whitening solution, nothing come close to the quality of service that we offer here at Samaritan International. If there is one thing that we fully understand as professional dentists, is that the first thing people notice about you is your smile. Committed to giving you your perfect smile, we use ZOOM II laser whitening system, which is considered top-notch in this industry. With this system, you can forget about home-kits that simply do not work and still have visibly whiter teeth in just 90 minutes.

During ZOOM teeth whitening treatment, your Tijuana dentist will professional clean your teeth to ensure that they are free from tartar and plaque. Then, he will apply hydrogen peroxide formula and use the ultra-violet laser activation light directly to your teeth. This will be done in three 20-minute periods for your convenience.

Dental WhiteningOur highly effective and highly recommended teeth whitening service is just for $250, which is significantly cheaper when compared to $495 that is being charged by US dentists. Should you decide to get other dental treatments during your appointment with us, we will be more than happy to give you a good discount for your whitening treatment.

Rest assured that the Zoom experience is not only effective but also fast, efficient, and gentle.