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Bariatric Surgery

Gastric Sleeve surgery: Weight loss is so important, not just for appearance, but especially for your health. The gastric sleeve surgery in Mexico, provides a very effective tool for weight loss, with a very high success rate. Many have said that this has been the easiest “diet” they have every done, because you can’t help but to lose weight.

The stomach volume is reduced, but so are the cravings to eat food. Of the other types of bariatric surgeries, this is the best one. With the gastric bypass, which disconnects the stomach and reconnects the small intestine to your esophagus, you will have to eat supplements the rest of your life. With the lap band, (or gastric band), you would have a foreign object in your body, which can eventually cause problems, and have to be removed, and is also something that needs constant adjusting. But with the gastric sleeve, you will have a fully functioning stomach, although much smaller. You will be able to properly digest your food, will have your hunger cravings greatly reduced, and it never needs adjusting. Simply put, it works great and has the least amount of complications.

After Surgery Recovery

After your surgery, we will set you up in a very nice private and safe apartment where you will be able to recover.