Weight Loss & Metabolism – Part 2

As stated in the previous blog article, metabolism rate is the most important factor is weight control.  VGS surgery creates a short term metabolism change, that greatly helps with weight loss, and combined with the decreased ability to consume a lot of food, weight loss is almost automatic. However, to maximize weight loss, and to maintain weight loss, it is important to learn to eat correctly. Dietitians recommend eating 6 times a day. The reason is, by continually consuming small amounts of food, the metabolism stays reeved up, causing the body to burn more calories. When a person only eats once or twice a day, the extended periods when there is no food in your stomach, allows the level of ghrelin to build up, which in turn causes your metabolism to slow down. The result is that even if you eat only once or twice a day, and are even consuming less calories, nevertheless, your body is going to burn less calories, and your body will store up fat.

Another thing that is important for metabolism to be accelerated, is a little exercise. When a body has even a small amount of exercise, daily, it will help keep the metabolism rate up. It is not that one has to do excessive exercise to be thin, rather just enough to cause the body metabolism to reeve up, so it continues to burn more calories all day. If all you can do is to go walk for 15-20 minutes twice a day, your metabolism will increase, and your body will burn more calories all day long.   

The third rule about keeping your metabolism rate up, and controlling your weight, has to do with the type of foods you consume.  Your body will increase the metabolism if you eat complex carbohydrates and low fat proteins. But your metabolism will slow down, if you eat simple carbohydrates, like sugar, and breads, and also slows down if you eat fatty foods.  

Summing things up: to lose weight, eat a balanced diet, low in fatty foods, and no sugar or bead. Eat veggies, chicken, fish, or lean meat, and break the meals up so that you are eating in small amounts, spread out in 6 meals a day. Do a moderate amount of daily exercise, and with the increased metabolism, you will continue to lose the weight until you reach your goal.

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