Partial Face Lift

face-lift1The aging process has different results on everybody. Some people develop heavy wrinkles on the forehead, others on the cheeks or necks. If you’ve been living a healthy life like, working out on a regular basis and eating the right foods, there’s a good chance that the wrinkles will only be concentrated at a single area. Although many would consider this as a blessing, it can still be a nuisance because everybody wants to look younger than their age. No wrinkles at all would still be better than a few wrinkles here and there.

If you’ve tried all the topical anti-aging remedies to get rid of those wrinkles but nothing seems to work, a good option would be to undergo a partial face lift. This procedure, also known as a mini-face lift, targets specific facial areas instead of the whole face. For instance, if you have wrinkle problems on your forehead but you’re satisfied with the condition of the rest of your face then the procedure will only be concentrated on the problem area.

How a partial face lift works

face-lift2The exact procedures performed on partial face lifts will differ according to the areas that require treatment. However, partial face lifts can be divided into two categories: surgical and non-invasive procedures.

Surgical procedures will normally require that the patient be placed under local or general anesthesia. The surgeon will then create one or more incisions at the area to be treated. To remove the wrinkles, the surgeon will need to excise excess skin, muscles and tissue. If there is excess fat, the surgeon may opt to perform a liposuction procedure. Once satisfied with the results, the incisions will be sutured and you’ll need to spend a little time recovering. A highly skilled surgeon will ensure that the scars are hardly noticeable so it won’t be evident that you underwent the procedure.

Non-invasive procedures will involve fillers, like Botox, that’s injected into the skin to remove the wrinkles. Although this is a relatively painless procedure, the results are not permanent. You will need to visit your surgeon every six months to undergo the same treatment or to have it touched-up a little.

Massages and facial therapies may also help rejuvenate and tighten your skin, and this could be a good alternative especially if you have very few problem areas. However, just make sure that you visit a trusted facial therapist for this type of procedures. The chemicals used in facial treatment can have adverse reactions depending on your type of skin, so the therapist must know what type to use.


Partial face lifts, whether surgical or non-invasive, are a great way to improve self-esteem. Not only will this type of procedure help you look younger, but it can also give you a lot more confidence.


Any type of cosmetic surgical procedure can be costly, especially popular procedures like a partial face lift. Most clinics in the US charge an average of 6-7 thousand dollars or even more depending on the location. If you want to undergo this procedure yet concerned about paying that amount of money, the best alternative is to travel to Tijuana, Mexico. Here at MEDAC, we offer partial face lifts at significantly lower prices. Best of all, you’ll be receiving treatment from highly qualified and experienced surgeons using state-of-the-art equipment and facilities.