Tummy Tuck

tummy-tuck1Unless you’re an athlete, a body builder, or someone who likes working out the gym on a regular basis, it’s likely that you’ll have excess fat and/or sagging skin at the abdominal area. It’s also possible that you’ll have this problem after a pregnancy or a drastic weight reduction.

A natural solution would be to spend hours working out. Unfortunately, doing so still won’t guarantee impressive results. Even body builders sometimes have problems with fat that just won’t disappear through diet and exercises.

A more viable solution is to undergo a tummy tuck surgical procedure. This procedure, also referred to as abdominoplasty, involves removing excess fat from the abdominal area, tightening the underlying muscles, and removing any sagging skin to improve the overall appearance of the abdomen.

How a tummy tuck works

tummy-tuck2Your surgeon will first discuss the procedure with you to set your expectations. Once you’ve been fully informed and you agree to what’s going to happen, you can expect the following:

• You will first be placed under general anesthesia
• The surgeon will create an incision near the pubic area from one side of the hip to the other
• The skin will then be separated to reveal the abdominal wall, revealing the fascia and muscles
• The muscles will then be tightened using sutures
• Excess fat will also be removed using liposuction
• The surgeon will then remove excess skin
• Once the surgeon is satisfied with the result, the incision will be closed
• Dressing will be applied and you will need to wear a compression garment for some time

The whole procedure can take up to 5 hours and you will need to spend a few days recovering at the hospital.

There are several different abdominoplasty procedures:

• Partial abdominoplasty – requires smaller incisions and the area involved is not as extensive
• Extended abdominoplasty – a tummy tuck that includes a lateral thigh lift
• High Lateral Tension Abdominoplasty – similar to a regular tummy tuck but the muscles are tightened horizontally and vertically

Benefits of a tummy tuck

Patients will normally have different objectives when undergoing a tummy tuck. The surgeon can customize the procedure according to the needs of each patient. A tummy tuck is a faster way to achieve tight abdominal muscles, mostly for aesthetic purposes, but there are health benefits as well.

Cost of Tummy Tuck

Costs will differ according to the type of procedure. An extended tummy tuck will normally cost more than a partial procedure. However, most procedures in the United States average around $10,000, not including the costs you can expect to incur during recovery.

If you’re thinking of having the procedure but are concerned of the costs then the solution would be to see us here at Tijuana, Mexico, where we can perform a tummy tuck at a significantly lower cost. Here MEDAC, we have highly qualified surgeons that will perform the procedure using state-of-the-art equipment and facilities. Since Tijuana is near the US-Mexico border, you can opt to return home during the recovery period.