Gastric Sleeve Testimonials


Laura came to Tijuana to loose weight over three years ago. She was a new mom at that time and wanted to be able to keep up with her baby, who quickly becomes a roaming toddler. She is a veteranarian and is most passionate about working with horses, which created high physical demand. She is down 140lbs and has successfully kept it off. Laura now regularly enjoys outings with her now toddler, husband, and animals. Bathing suits are even a part of her wardrobe, now


Brenda had her surgery over 4 yrs ago here in Tijuana. She has lost over 140 lbs. Life has drastically changed after her surgery, she now runs half marathons, is a water aerobics instructor, swims regularly, even has participated in triathlons. She has her own beauty salon, which requires her to stand all day and now she has much more stamina to keep up with all her customers.


Bridget has to be on her feet all day, it was hard for her to fulfill her job before the surgery. By the end of the day her legs and feet were swollen. It was hard to do much after work because she was so tired and out of energy. Bridget is much more active after loosing over 80lbs. She had her surgery about three years ago and has maintained a healthy weight since then. She always loved the outdoors and even more so now!

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