Dental Tourism in Tijuana Mexico

Dental Tourism in Tijuana Mexico has been growing rapidly as more and more Americans realize the enormous economic benefits of getting highly affordable dental care outside of the United States. With Samaritan International, you don’t have to spend thousands of dollars to get back that perfect smile. You also don’t have to worry about quality as dentists in Tijuana are as good as those that you can find in America. Our dentists and staff members are professional, board certified, and they all boast years of solid experience giving you a guarantee that you’re always in good hands when you choose Samaritan International.

Samaritan International is one of the most sought after dental clinics in Tijuana, Mexico, which is located practically next door to San Diego and we are in close proximity to Los Angeles, California. In fact, you can get your dental procedure done here can take as little as one day. Yes, that means that you can go back to the United States same day after the procedure.

Your safety is our number one priority

One of the main concerns of those people who are thinking about taking advantage of dental tourism in Tijuana, Mexico is their safety. This is due to exaggerated news in the media. However, know that here at Samaritan International, our customers’ safety is our number one priority. Tijuana is nothing like Juarez or the Texas border. When you decide to go here, you’ll be amazed that the peace and order in the city is way better compared to many large US cities.

For the past 5 years in the business, Samaritan International has served thousands of customers who did not have any problem while they are here in Tijuana. In fact, no one here ever felt that they were in danger. Part of that is because we take good care of our customers to make them feel safe and secure. For your convenience and peace of mind, we provide exclusive transportation to and from San Diego/Tijuana border and to and from your hotel.

Although the media often put Mexico into bad light, statistics can prove that Mexico, particularly Tijuana is safer compared to other popular tourists destinations. In fact, in a recent list released by, which uses U.N-based data, Mexico is not among the 36 countries with the highest murder rates. When compared to the United States, Mexico is 5 times safer based on an independent survey.

5 Compelling Reason to Trust Samaritan International in Tijuana

1.- Trustworthy professionals – Worried that dentists in Tijuana, Mexico will take advantage of you by recommending additional but unnecessary dental procedures that will lead to higher fees? Well, this is something that you will never experience here at Samaritan International. Committed to strengthening our stellar reputation in the field of dental tourism, we never convince customers to get additional dental procedures to their list when they go here. In fact, we provide a thorough and honest evaluation before we give you professional advice to help you make well-informed decision. It will always be your choice.

2.- Proximity to the United States – Based on statistics, more and more Americans are unable to afford dental services in their country thus, they resort to dental tourism in other countries to take advantage of lower prices. By choosing Samaritan International, you won’t even feel that you left the United States. Also, you will not have to spend so much on your travel costs. Tijuana is very accessible because it’s right next to San Diego, CA. If saving money is your goal when getting back that perfect smile, going somewhere close will definitely make a lot of sense.

3.- High quality dental care – The quality of dental care provided in Mexico is top notch. In fact, our highly professional and certified dentists can compete with reputable dentists in the United States but only charge a fraction of the cost. Committed to being recognized as the best dental office not just in Tijuana but also in the United States, we ensure that the quality of our workmanship is superb.

4.- Certification – Here at Samaritan International, we make sure that only qualified and board certified dentists with years of experience and proven track record will perform dental procedures. Among our staff are certified endodontist specialists who graduated with honors at reputable dental schools to do your root canals. We also have the best implatologist in the city. Employing only the best professionals in the field of dentistry here in Mexico is one of the reasons why we remain to be the top choice for those people who are seeking treatments outside the United States.

5.- We provide satisfaction guarantee – The best thing about choosing Samaritan International is that we provide satisfaction guarantee. Although we take the extra mile to make sure that all procedures are done by the book, if you encounter problems because of materials used or workmanship, we will fix it right away at no added costs.