Dental Veneers in Tijuana

What are Veneers?

Porcelain VeneersVeneers are custom made thin shells made from composite resin material or porcelain that are bonded to the front of the teeth. They are used in cosmetic dentistry to help patients improve their smile as they correct worn enamel, uneven teeth or teeth, discoloration, and irregular spacing. Durable enough to last up to 20 years, veneers are also used to restore and protect a damage tooth from further harm. Experts agree that veneers are excellent alternatives to crowns.

The Procedure

The procedure of getting high quality veneers in Tijuana, Mexico involves diagnosis, preparation, and bonding. The Mexican dentist will carry out thorough oral examination to determine if you’re a good candidate for veneers. This is done by getting x-rays and later on, taking impression of your teeth. If you qualify for the procedure based on the result of the diagnosis, the Tijuana dentist will lightly buff your teeth to prepare them to receive veneers. Typically, about half a millimeter of your tooth is removed to allow for the small added thickness of the veneer. He will then create an impression and send it to laboratory where the veneer will be made. While composite resin veneers are typically made the same day, the creation of ceramic veneers typically takes several days. While the mold is being made, Tijuana dentist will provide you with a temporary veneer. When your permanent veneers are ready, the dentist will place each on your teeth to check their fit and to ensure that their color match the color of your other teeth. Adjustment can be made the same day before the veneers are cemented to your tooth on your second visit.

Advantage of Veneers at Samaritan International

  • They look and feel natural
  • Very durable and can last for up to 20 years
  • Dramatic and quick results
  • Correct multiple dental flaws
  • Match existing teeth
  • Stain resistant
  • Improves your smile
  • Do not require additional maintenance
  • Soft on gums
  • Can be used to protect damaged tooth from further harm

Types of Veneers

1.- E.max porcelain – This is what we consider best brand when it comes to veneers because aside from the fact that they are made from the hardest material, they are also the most resistant to cracking and chipping. In addition, they have the same high luminescence.
2.- Lumineers Porcelain – Most of our previous customers are aware or have at least heard of Lumineers mainly because of the company’s highly effective marketing efforts. However, they are not the best veneers available in the market, just the most expensive. Although they promote their brand by telling customers that no shaving of teeth is required, the truth is, the surface of the teeth must be prepared for the veneers regardless of what brand you’re using. We can put on Lumineer brand veneers which cost $520 apiece. Note that this is a discounted price and way much cheaper compared to what US dentist are charging.
3.- Empress – Empress and Lumineers are basically the same in our opinion. They have the same luminescence and they just as thin. However, Empress is cheaper with just $365 each.

Are there risks and advantages?

Dental VeneersAs with other dental treatment, there are some risks associated with the placement of veneers. These include tooth sensitivity and dental damage. Because this procedure requires enamel removal, the biggest risk for patient is experiencing permanent tooth sensitivity particularly to cold and hot temperatures. If the sensitivity goes beyond three months, this may indicate underlying problems with the procedure. Also, veneers require replacement after one to two decades. When you do replace them, the process will again involve another round of enamel removal.

What’s the cost?

The cost of getting veneers depends on your chosen dentist and the brand to be used. In the United States, the cost ranges from $1,100 to $2,000 per tooth. Porcelain veneers are the most expensive but they last longer. Want to save? Then, head to Samaritan International and just pay a fraction of what US dentists are charging you. Here, we charge just $385 for porcelain veneer.