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What are Veneers?

Porcelain VeneersVeneers are custom made thin shells made from composite resin material or porcelain that are bonded to the front of the teeth. They are used in cosmetic dentistry to help patients improve their smile as they correct worn enamel, uneven teeth or teeth, discoloration, and irregular spacing. Durable enough to last up to 20 years, veneers are also used to restore and protect a damage tooth from further harm. Experts agree that veneers are excellent alternatives to crowns.

The Procedure

The procedure of getting high quality veneers in Tijuana, Mexico involves diagnosis, preparation, and bonding. The Mexican dentist will carry out thorough oral examination to determine if you’re a good candidate for veneers. This is done by getting x-rays and later on, taking impression of your teeth. If you qualify for the procedure based on the result of the diagnosis, the Tijuana dentist will lightly buff your teeth to prepare them to receive veneers. Typically, about half a millimeter of your tooth is removed to allow for the small added thickness of the veneer. He will then create an impression and send it to laboratory where the veneer will be made. While composite resin veneers are typically made the same day, the creation of ceramic veneers typically takes several days. While the mold is being made, Tijuana dentist will provide you with a temporary veneer. When your permanent veneers are ready, the dentist will place each on your teeth to check their fit and to ensure that their color match the color of your other teeth. Adjustment can be made the same day before the veneers are cemented to your tooth on your second visit.

Advantage of Veneers at Samaritan International

  • They look and feel natural
  • Very durable and can last for up to 20 years
  • Dramatic and quick results
  • Correct multiple dental flaws
  • Match existing teeth
  • Stain resistant
  • Improves your smile
  • Do not require additional maintenance
  • Soft on gums
  • Can be used to protect damaged tooth from further harm

Types of Veneers

1.- E.max porcelain – This is what we consider best brand when it comes to veneers because aside from the fact that they are made from the hardest material, they are also the most resistant to cracking and chipping. In addition, they have the same high luminescence.
2.- Lumineers Porcelain – Most of our previous customers are aware or have at least heard of Lumineers mainly because of the company’s highly effective marketing efforts. However, they are not the best veneers available in the market, just the most expensive. Although they promote their brand by telling customers that no shaving of teeth is required, the truth is, the surface of the teeth must be prepared for the veneers regardless of what brand you’re using. We can put on Lumineer brand veneers which cost $520 apiece. Note that this is a discounted price and way much cheaper compared to what US dentist are charging.
3.- Empress – Empress and Lumineers are basically the same in our opinion. They have the same luminescence and they just as thin. However, Empress is cheaper with just $365 each.

Are there risks and advantages?

Dental VeneersAs with other dental treatment, there are some risks associated with the placement of veneers. These include tooth sensitivity and dental damage. Because this procedure requires enamel removal, the biggest risk for patient is experiencing permanent tooth sensitivity particularly to cold and hot temperatures. If the sensitivity goes beyond three months, this may indicate underlying problems with the procedure. Also, veneers require replacement after one to two decades. When you do replace them, the process will again involve another round of enamel removal.

What’s the cost?

The cost of getting veneers depends on your chosen dentist and the brand to be used. In the United States, the cost ranges from $1,100 to $2,000 per tooth. Porcelain veneers are the most expensive but they last longer. Want to save? Then, head to Samaritan International and just pay a fraction of what US dentists are charging you. Here, we charge just $385 for porcelain veneer.

Implantes Dentales

Dental Implants in Tijuana: The permanent solution to a lost tooth

dental implants in mexicoFor the past five years that we’re offering full dental services here in Tijuana Mexico, dental implants remain to be the most sought-after procedure particularly by those who are coming from the United States. Dental Implants Tijuana, in most cases, are the best and permanent solution for missing teeth. It doesn’t matter if you lose your tooth as a result or injury or due to poor oral hygiene, dental implants can help you restore that perfect smile. Here at Samaritan International, all our materials are manufactured in the United States so you can be assured that your implants will look and function just like a real tooth.

Dental implants, despite being more expensive compared to getting bridges or regular dentures, are fast becoming the number one choice by people who are missing their teeth. This is because they are significantly stronger than other dental solutions and when compared to dentures, implants offer permanent solution.

Dental implants, which have been used since mid 1960’s, uses titanium which is highly compatible with body tissues and is able to bond with adjacent bone during the healing process. Various studies confirmed that dental implants are convenient and safe way to replace teeth with natural-looking results.

Essentially, a dental implant is a cylinder or screw that is inserted into a prepared bone socket in the jaw. The abutment, which is a special attachment fitted to the top of the implant, is used in forming external connection for the crown or teeth. Dental implants in Tijuana are suitable for people who are at least 18 years old and who would like to restore their appearance or their chewing ability; something that is hard to achieve when using regular dentures or bridges.

Although dental implants are proven to be the best (in most cases) the best solution to missing teeth, more and more Americans are unable to get them because of the cost. On average, US dentists charge $3,600 -$4,600 for dental implants including the crown and abutment. For regular people, this could be a lot. Here at Samaritan International, we only charge $1,300 tooth giving you a significant savings. The price include porcelain pfm crown, abutment replacement, and of course, the implant itself.

Dental Implant Specialists Tijuana Mexico

Carefully choosing the dentist that will do your dental implant is the key to ensure the success of this procedure. As you’re putting significant amount of money on the table, it is important that you only trust professional and board certified dentists. Here at Samaritan International, we are committed to providing customers with 100% satisfaction. We are proud to say that we have the best dental implant specialists in the country who received an MD in Oral Medicine and who took additional training in the United States. They also successfully completed bone grafting training at UCLA and have two year residency program at the University of Minnesota. With their years of training and experience, together with their credentials, you can be assured that they are the best dentist for your dental implants.

Beware of misleading US advertisements

As more and more Americans are taking advantage of Mexico’s growing dental tourism, some US dentists are resorting to misleading advertisements to get people to do business with them. Among the most worrying we’ve heard are those that tell the customers that they can get dental implants in the United States for as low as $1,000 per tooth. However, the advertisements do not explain that the price only covers the first stage. When patients return for their crown and abutment, it is only then that they are informed that they have to pay additional $3,000-$4,000 per tooth giving them the shock of their lives. Most dentists who resort to this type of misleading advertisement also uses brands that are typically made from China that no one else carries – even dentists here in Tijuana, Mexico. Because of this, the patients do not have the option to go to another dentist. Over the years, we have patients asking us to place abutments and crowns. However, several times, we found that the implants are of a brand that we cannot find and therefore, unable to help customers whose only mistake is to trust dentists who do not really care about their well-being and finances.

Everything You Need to Know About Mexico Dental Implants

samaritan dental implant in tijuanaIf you’re considering getting dental implants, it is important for you to understand the whole procedure. Keep in mind that these are more than cosmetic dentistry. Aside from restoring a lost tooth, dental implants looks, fits, feel, and function like a real tooth. This procedure is something that cannot be completed in one day because it will take months for the surrounding bone to grow and attach itself.

1.- The procedure for getting dental implants in Tijuana, Mexico, typically starts with an oral examination with our board certified dentist. After running tests and doing some x-rays, the Mexican dentists will determine if you’re a good candidate. For this to happen, it is important that your jawbone is in good shape and that you have a good bone density. Some patients are required to start with bone graft in order to create a more solid base for the implant. If tooth extraction is needed, you will most likely to have a bone graft, particularly if the molar tooth is the one that needs to be removed. Your Tijuana Mexican dentist will surgically implant an artificial calcium material needed for the bone to grow. If you’ve lost your tooth long ago and if your jawbone is in excellent condition, it is possible that you’ll skip step one. Our Tijuana dental clinic charges $350 for a bone graft, which is way cheaper when compared to $1,200 fees charged by dentists in the United States.

For your information, local anesthesia is used for this outpatient procedure as well as other forms of sedation when and as needed. Depending on your clinical situation as well as you preferences, other adjunctive surgical procedure, such as bone augmentation, may be performed at the same time as implant placement.

2.- After assessing the bone, your Mexican dentist will drill a hole using series of drills to identify the exact position for the implant. Then, the dental implant, which is made of titanium and which is coated with hydroxylapatite, is screwed in. Hydroxylapatite is a mineral that is used by dentists worldwide to help the bone to grow and eventually to effectively bond to the dental implant. The next step involves the Tijuana dentist opening up the gum using a special machine to remove the bone in the jaw to prepare it to receive the implant. The gum is then sutured using dissoluble sutures. Although the whole procedure will take just 60 – 75 minutes, you will need to wait for a maximum of four months to give the bone enough time to heal and grow to the implant.

3.- Once the healing process has been completed, you will be asked by your Tijuana dentist to go back for the attachment of the crown and abutment. This two-step procedure start with the dentist drilling the titanium implant to attach the abutment. He will then make an impression of the post that he will send to the lab. Typically, it takes dentists a couple of days to finish the crown. However, if you’re pressed for time, arrangement can be made so the crown can be ready on the same day.

Samaritan International is committed to making dental implants affordable. Instead of paying up to $4,800 in the United States, know that the cost of dental implants in Mexico is just $1,500 and that includes everything. With this kind of savings, I am sure you’ll agree with me when I say that it’s worth getting cosmetic dentistry and other dental work here at Tijuana, Mexico.

Dental Implants are common dental procedures

Before dental implants were discovered, patients have very limited options when it comes to replacing their missing tooth. Their options include removable dentures or fixed bridge that do not exactly look and function like real teeth. Starting in 1950s, when researchers have found that metal titanium formed an exceptionally strong bond to the surrounding bone, dental implants were refined with high success rates. If you have concerns in getting them, know that there are patients who have dental implants for over 30 years. Dental implants will undoubtedly restore your mouth and your ability to eat properly.

Dental Implants in Tijuana, Mexico

images3If you lose your teeth for any reason and you don’t think that neither removable denture nor fixed dental bridge is the best solution for you, consider dental implants in Mexico. Gone are the days when you’re forced to spend at least $4,800 per implant. Today, with Mexico’s growing dental tourism, you have the option of making Samaritan International your dental partner and you’ll only have to pay $1,300 per implant. Unlike what other US dentists tell you in their misleading ads, this amount include everything.

With you having this option, you don’t have to settle for removable dentures that don’t feel natural inside your mouth. You also don’t have to worry about them falling off while you’re talking to other people or while your eating. You can also say no to fixed dental bridges that require grinding the teeth on either side to support the bridge. Both removable dentures and fixed dental bridge are just temporary solutions.

Getting dental implants in Mexico offers you more than just cheap tag prices. As the dental professionals at Samaritan International are board certified with years of solid experience, you don’t have to worry about quality. Our dental implants are world-class and our dentists can compete with those in the United States. Basically, going to Tijuana is synonymous to getting high quality dental care only, you spend just ¼ of what US dentists are currently charging.

Who are the best candidates for dental implants in Mexico?

Although dental implants in Mexico are considered the best and permanent solution to missing tooth, they are not for everyone. It is for this reason that Mexican dentists carry out thorough oral evaluation before they recommend dental implants. Generally, patients who are healthy enough to undergo dental extraction or routine oral surgery (like extraction of wisdom tooth), can be a great candidate for dental implant in Mexico. The main criteria here is having enough bone mass as well as having healthy gums. Patients who are heavy smokers, who are suffering from heart problems and other uncontrolled diseases, and those who had radiation therapy to the neck or head area, will be required to undergo thorough evaluation before they may be considered for dental implants. Here at Samaritan International, we offer free evaluation to figure out if dental implants are right for you.

Benefits of Dental Implants

dental implant1.- The main benefit of getting dental implants is that they look, feel, and function like real teeth. Compared to other fixed dental bridges and removable dentures, dental implants are permanent solution. That means, you don’t have to replace them a couple of years from now and yet, they will still look and function as your original teeth.

2.- Improved self-confidence – Having one or more than missing teeth leads to obvious problems including loss of self-esteem due to poor appearance. With dental implants, nobody would even guess that you lost a tooth as implants look incredibly the same as real teeth.

3.- Improved speech – You may notice that people who are wearing removable dentures tend to mumble or slur their words that often, people they talk to do not understand what they’re saying. This is because dentures can slip within the mouth and affect your speech. This is something that you don’t need to worry about when getting dental implants because again, they function, look, and feel like real teeth.

4.- Improved comfort – By getting dental implants, you wouldn’t even notice that you have something in your mouth that aren’t real teeth. As these becomes part of you, they eliminate the discomfort that is often experienced with fixed dental bridge or removable dentures.

5.- Easy chewing – Unlike dental implants, sliding dentures make eating a chore. Implants are what you need if you’re missing tooth/teeth but want to have that confidence in chewing any type of food without pain.

6.- Improved oral health. Unlike tooth supported dental bridges, the process of getting implants doesn’t require damaging other nearby teeth that result to improved long-term oral health. In addition, individual implants are easier to clean so they promote improved oral hygiene as well.

7.- Durability – Dental implants are designed to last a lifetime. With good oral hygiene and by paying your dentist regular visit, you can make this happen.

8.- Convenience – When you opt to get dental implants, you eliminate the need to remove them for cleaning purposes. Also, you don’t need messy adhesives just to make sure that they stay in place each time you’re eating.

Blanqueamiento Dental

tooth whiteningWhen it comes to affordable teeth whitening solution, nothing come close to the quality of service that we offer here at Samaritan International. If there is one thing that we fully understand as professional dentists, is that the first thing people notice about you is your smile. Committed to giving you your perfect smile, we use ZOOM II laser whitening system, which is considered top-notch in this industry. With this system, you can forget about home-kits that simply do not work and still have visibly whiter teeth in just 90 minutes.

During ZOOM teeth whitening treatment, your Tijuana dentist will professional clean your teeth to ensure that they are free from tartar and plaque. Then, he will apply hydrogen peroxide formula and use the ultra-violet laser activation light directly to your teeth. This will be done in three 20-minute periods for your convenience.

Dental WhiteningOur highly effective and highly recommended teeth whitening service is just for $250, which is significantly cheaper when compared to $495 that is being charged by US dentists. Should you decide to get other dental treatments during your appointment with us, we will be more than happy to give you a good discount for your whitening treatment.

Rest assured that the Zoom experience is not only effective but also fast, efficient, and gentle.

Rellenos Dentales

composite fillingsOne of the most common problems of our patients is tooth decay that when left untreated can lead to more serious problems like abscess or even losing a tooth. To treat a cavity, we remove the decayed portion of your tooth and using composite fillings, we effectively seal the area so further tooth decay is prevented.

At Samaritan International, we only use white resin composite fillings that match the color of your teeth. We also use ultra-violet lamp to harden the filling and ensure that it won’t easily come off. If you currently have mercury or amalgam fillings, which are proven to be dangerous, we can also remove them for you and replace them with composite fillings which are considered to be highly safe.

Composites, unlike amalgams, are made of a mixture of ceramics and plastic. Because of this, they have a more natural color (they even appear invincible when applied to your teeth) making them popular choice for many patients.

The use of composite fillings depend on several factors including patient’s preference, the size of the area the needs to be filled, the allergies that the patient might have, and the location of the affected area.

Depending on the size that needs filling, we charge $55 to $75 per tooth.

Puentes Dentales

dental bridgesDid you know that missing some teeth can do more damage other than destroying your self-confidence? Losing a tooth or teeth can cause a shift in the alignment of your teeth and increase the risk of periodontal diseases. It can also increase the risk of losing the adjacent tooth and can result to speech disorders. In addition, it increases the risk of tooth decay.

A fixed dental bridge is one of the simplest and most economical dental solutions for those people who are missing some teeth. This restorative measure is a non-removable prosthesis affixed to the natural teeth to basically bridge the gap.

Much like dental implants and dentures, dental bridges in Mexico are designed to replace missing teeth. Fixed dental bridges are attached to the adjacent teeth with metal bands covered by crowns. Unlike removable dentures, bridges are permanently fixed in place, are made from porcelain, and function very much like natural teeth.

Benefits of Fixed Dental Bridges

Losing teeth create more damage than you can think of. Gaps left by missing teeth are typically the cause of shift in the alignment of your teeth that can easily result to bad bite. This imbalance can also lead to TMJ and gum disease. Tijuana dentists have years of experience in handling this type of treatment. Using only top-notch materials that are manufactured in the United States and performed only by board certified dental professionals, you can be assured that our fixed dental bridges are not only cheaper but also world-class as well. Getting this dental solution means restoring your smile and your ability to properly speak and chew. It will also mean maintaining the shape of your face, preventing remaining teeth from drifting out of position, and distributing forces in your bite.

What Types of Bridges do Tijuana Dentists offer?

1.- Cantilever bridges – Tijuana dentists use cantilever bridges when there are adjacent teeth on only one side of the missing teeth.
2.- Maryland bonded bridges – These are held in place by a metal framework and include artificial teeth made of plastic and gum. The metal wings that are used on each side of the bridge are bonded to the adjacent natural teeth.
3.- Traditional fixed bridges – This option involves the creation of a crown for both the tooth on either side of the missing tooth using a pontic in between. Made of porcelain fused with either ceramics or metal, this fixed bridge is the most commonly used in the world of dentistry today.

The materials we use, which are all manufactured in the United States, include standard porcelain PTF crowns, porcelain fused with gold, all gold metal crowns/bridge, and porcelain fused with zirconium.

Samaritan International gives the patient the power to choose the kind of dental bridge and the materials to be used. For you to make wise decision, let me give you some insights. While standard materials are the least expensive, gold is obviously the most pricey. However, based on experience, we can say that Zirconium makes the best fixed dental bridge because of its color, durability, strength, and because it is visually appealing.

The Procedure

Bridges in TijuanaA fixed dental bridge is made by creating a crown for the adjacent teeth with the false teeth placed in the middle to fill the empty space. Parts of the teeth that will be used to support the bridge will be removed to make space for the crowns.

Creating and installing fixed dental bridges is some of the most common procedures that are being handled by Tijuana dentists on a regular basis. Patients undergo thorough oral examination so your Mexican dentist can determine if you are a good candidate for this dental treatment. It’s important that the tooth on each side of the empty space is healthy so they can support the false tooth or teeth. Adjacent teeth will be reconstructed or reshaped to prepare them to receive the crown. After your teeth have been reshaped, your dentist will take an impression needed to create an exact mold for the bridge or crown. The impression is sent to the lab and until the final fixed dental bridge is ready, you will be wearing a temporary bridge.

How long do Tijuana Dental Bridges last?

Tijuana Dental Bridges will last 15 years or longer depending on your oral hygiene. The reason why bridges come loose or even fall off is because the bone that holds them in place or the teeth that support them aren’t strong enough. For this reason, it is important to ensure that your gums and teeth remain healthy. You can achieve this by brushing your teeth using fluoride toothpaste at least twice a day, by flossing daily, and by going to your dentist for professional cleanings and regular check ups.

How much do dental bridges in Mexico cost?

The average cost of getting your dental bridges in the United States is $850 per tooth. The rate could easily go up to $2,600 if you require 3-tooth standard bridge. At Samaritan International, we charge just $270 per tooth for standard porcelain bridges. Meanwhile, if you opt to get the zirconium base bridges, we charge $460 per tooth.

Dental Price List

At Samaritan Dental & Medical Group, you can expect the highest quality dental services, and just pay a fraction of what it would cost in the US. Below you can see a complete price list. We don’t try to add in hidden fees, or run the price up on the patients. Our prices are straight forward. In addition, if you pay in cash, bank money order, or cashier’s check, rather than credit card, you can enjoy an additional savings of 5%. Payment with cash is what works best for us. If you want to pay with a bank check, please call us first, to get the correct “payee” information to put on the check, for deposit into the dentist’s account.

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Payment Policy: Payment is made at each stage of completion for work done. When work is sent into the dental lab, like for veneers, crowns, or dentures, we will ask you for a 50% deposit upfront, to cover the lab fees. If you pay with cash for all your treatments, you will receive a 5% discount on your dental services.

Dental Insurance: Most US insurance, if it is a P.P.O. dental plan, will cover dentistry done outside the US. We regularly work with Delta Dental, Aetna, Cigna, and MetLife. These insurances are very good about paying dental claims, however, they don’t want to pay directly to a clinic in Mexico, but rather pay re-imbursement directly to the patient. We will fill out the claim forms for you, and give you what you need to collect a dental claim from your dental insurance.

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