100% Customer Guarantee

Here at Samaritan International, we are deeply committed in providing customers with 100% satisfaction. We realize that the ongoing success of our business depends on how satisfied you are with our services and with our customer service. It is our goal to be your lifetime partner for your dental health. For this reason, we provide 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.

As we are highly confident in the level of quality that we offer to each of our customers, we provide you with a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee on all the work we perform on you. So long as you follow our recommended treatment plans, we give you an assurance that all dental work will remain in full warranty.

  • Dental bridges or crowns are covered with our 5-year warranty replacement for an reason related to defective workmanship.
  • Crowns will be warranted against damage expect for conditions involving extraneous situations, accidents, and bruxism.
  • Any fracture on composite fillings or bondings with normal use will be repaired or replaced at no additional charge.
  • If you decide you want a different color or crown length after the dental work has been cemented, you will be charged ½ price of the crown to cover lab fees and other extra costs.

Keep in mind that our guarantee doesn’t extend to problems that resulted from the patient’s poor hygiene, injury, and diseases. Also, know that we cannot in any way predict nerve or gum treatment complications.

We understand that customers who are not fully satisfied with our services will need to go back to Tijuana, Mexico, which could result to inconvenience and additional expenses. However, we assume that this is factored in when you decide to choose savings available for dental work here. For this reason, we are unable to reimburse your hotel and other travel expenses if you need to return for work under guarantee. However, we take the extra mile to make sure that when you leave our clinic, all procedures are done perfectly the first time.