Dentist in Tijuana Price List

At Samaritan Dental & Medical Group, you can expect the highest quality dental services, and just pay a fraction of what it would cost in the US. Below you can see a complete price list. We don’t try to add in hidden fees, or run the price up on the patients. Our prices are straight forward. In addition, if you pay in cash, bank money order, or cashier’s check, rather than credit card, you can enjoy an additional savings of 5%. Payment with cash is what works best for us. If you want to pay with a bank check, please call us first, to get the correct “payee” information to put on the check, for deposit into the dentist’s account.

  • choose your plan

  • Available Medical SpecialtiesAvailable Medical Specialties
  • Investigations and TreatmentsInvestigations and Treatments
  • Medical ConsultationMedical Consultation
  • Home VisitsHome Visits
  • Pregnancy CarePregnancy Care
  • Medical AssistanceMedical Assistance
  • Basic Plan

  • $16

    per month

  • Available Medical Specialties6 Specialties
  • Investigations and Treatments30 Tests and Treatments
  • Medical Consultation1 Time a Year
  • Home Visits1 Time a Year
  • Pregnancy Careno
  • Medical Assistanceno
  • Care Plus

  • $25

    per month

  • Available Medical Specialties12 Specialties
  • Investigations and Treatments90 Tests and Treatments
  • Medical Consultation2 Times a Year
  • Home Visits2 Times a Year
  • Pregnancy Careyes
  • Medical Assistance24h Assistance
  • Super Care

  • $29

    per month

  • Available Medical Specialties24 Specialties
  • Investigations and TreatmentsCan be extended to 250 Tests160 Tests and Treatments
  • Medical Consultation4 Times a Year
  • Home Visits4 Times a Year
  • Pregnancy Careyes
  • Medical Assistance24h Assistance
  • Super Prestige

  • $39

    per month

  • Available Medical Specialties36 Specialties
  • Investigations and Treatments250 Tests and Treatments
  • Medical ConsultationUnlimited
  • Home VisitsUnlimited
  • Pregnancy Careyes
  • Medical Assistance24h Assistance

Payment Policy: Payment is made at each stage of completion for work done. When work is sent into the dental lab, like for veneers, crowns, or dentures, we will ask you for a 50% deposit upfront, to cover the lab fees. If you pay with cash for all your treatments, you will receive a 5% discount on your dental services.

Dental Insurance: Most US insurance, if it is a P.P.O. dental plan, will cover dentistry done outside the US. We regularly work with Delta Dental, Aetna, Cigna, and MetLife. These insurances are very good about paying dental claims, however, they don’t want to pay directly to a clinic in Mexico, but rather pay re-imbursement directly to the patient. We will fill out the claim forms for you, and give you what you need to collect a dental claim from your dental insurance.